Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Site Visit of 2009

It has been a while since I have been able to coordinate a site visit to our new campus. Winter weather and spring rains have made it difficult to get out and about at the right time for a walk through.

From the exterior it appears little has progressed, but rest assured work has carried on every day and a tremendous amount of progress has been made in spite of the ire of the elements.

Lets talk a walk in the front entrance....

Well, perhaps a walk in by the front door isn't such a good idea! Look closely at the wheels on that lift and you will see it mired in mud. the machine is actually driving into our main entrance, the front door of our school. The columns to the right will be the canopy posts out front for students waiting for parent pick up. At the left is the roof over the wrestling room.

Worth noticing there is the fascia that has been added to the roof, soon guttering will be attached and the final standing seam metal roof will be added.

As we step inside we will turn to the left and go to the Main Gym. I am fond of dramatic light and geometric shapes. So this photo and the next are a study in dark and light within the main gym.

To the right is the south end wall, you are looking east.

This is the south wall exposed for an interior shot. The vertical wall will be at the end of the ball court. It will have a huge insignia or school logo on that wall. What do you think should be painted there? Also, notice the large beam in the center!
That is the most massive, longest, and heaviest of all the roof girders in our building. It spans the length of the gym.
This is the concessions booth on the commons side of the main gym.

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