Monday, March 30, 2009

Follow Me Down the Commons!

The commons is the open area that stretches from the cafeteria to the north end of the school.

To give you an idea of the length of the commons and hallway out to the bus pick up I have taken this photo. The view is from the serving line of the cafeteria. The light at the far end is the exit to the bus pick up. It is more than the length of a football field!
There are two main stairs and this is the North stair well down.

The next photo looks up to Level 3 in the same stair way.
(The connecting level of stairs have not been built in yet! :)

Following is the first video I have uploaded to the blog!
It is a walk down the length of the commons starting from the serving line in the cafeteria and ending at the exit at the north end of the hall.
I was walking at an adult pace, non stop, and it took one and a half minutes.
On the right you will see the Main Gymnasium pass by, followed by the main entrance, then the media center, and finally the chorus room and exit.
Click on the arrow to view the video, sorry about the audio, I had hoped to be able to dub in better commentary. I'll improve the script the next time we take this walk!
I hope you enjoy the stroll ~~~

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