Sunday, March 22, 2009

Auxialiary Gym Shaping Up

In the photo below you will see the south end wall in the auxiliary gym. I think these vertical windows will be a sweet feature of this space.

The light coming through the roof is the sound trap decking. Once covered with the metal roof, it will not be translucent. The millions of holes that you view now will trap sound thus damping the echo and reverberation in the gyms.
I was curious about this opening in the west wall of the gym (I knew there would not be a window or door there). This is a construction access point.

Some things that are delivered for installation later need a larger entry than a door way could provide, large HVAC machines, loaders, forklifts, all sorts of large equipment must continue to enter the building even as it is being closed up!
The masonry wall is irregular, called "toothing", and when all access has been made and it is no longer needed, it will be blocked back in along the toothed edges.
Dramatic light is always going to catch my attention!
To give you a sense of scale this photo shows Don Critcher, our WCS project coordinator, standing in the light! Thanks for all the work you do for all of us Don!

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