Monday, March 30, 2009

New Areas Shaping Up~

Each floor of each wing has its own breaker room with dedicated breaker boxes. These rooms look quite complex, but nothing compared to the main electrical room shown in this post: electrical infrastructure link
In our old school we couldn't run a projector and computers and fans and even lights at the same time without flipping breakers.

It is exciting to see how well we have planned ahead to "power" our needs in the new school.
These three roll up doors will be in the Auto shop. It is on level 1 in area 1. Designed there to allow drive up for maintenance and equipment.
The classroom sections within the Auto Shop are taking form. They are designed with windows since they are small rooms within the shop. So much about automobiles can be learned and diagnosed by computers these days. But, you already know that!
The CTE area is shaping up with these large garage doors that will allow them to work inside and move out construction projects as necessary.

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