Sunday, March 29, 2009

Drywall Finishing ~ Beginning!

In Area 3 and 2 some of the drywall is finishing is beginning. As you look down this hall (which just a few weeks ago was only roughed in) you can see the nice finished surface on the drywall. The insets are either door entry or locker bays. Notice the sprinkler system is in place (a feature we do not have in our old school :(....
Some of the rooms have finished with drywall work and are beginning to have accent colors added. This is a three window room.

Most rooms have at least two windows and this is the typical window. Note the color on the accent wall to the left.
Here is another room that has color added. Each wing will have different color harmonies. There were three basic color schemes to be used throughout the academic wings.
Though I must admit I do not recall if it was to be colored by level or by wing. Level meaning "floor" (1st, 2nd, 3rd) or by "wing" (area 1,2,3). I'll ask about that and clarify later.
This would be the warm orange color scheme. This view shows the teaching wall on the left and the outside wall on the right. The color on the floor is "dustdown", a material which is used to absorb dust in the finished areas. The actual floor will have an harmonious colored vinyl type floor covering.

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