Monday, March 30, 2009

Just Beginning to be Developed

The science area is just beginning to be developed. This is the first time it has been clear in Area 5, 6 so that we can grasp the expanse of the science area.
Designed to be in a central location for all students it spans the length of the classroom wings. While the walls are not up, one can sense the scale and size of the Science department at our new WHS.

These steel braces beneath the deck of the roof are the framing supports for the Solar Tubes. Natural lighting will be collected through these features and channel light into the classrooms with mirrors and prisms. We saw these in a school visit to North Guilford and were impressed with the light they provided. I will try to locate pictures I took there in 2007 and share them soon.
All plumbing lines are supported by hangers of various sizes throughout our building.
Hangers allow for flex and kick in the water supply as pressure varies and air is forced through the lines when the pumps kick on pushing water through the miles of capillary lines. water pump post

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