Monday, November 23, 2009

Symphony #2010 ~ Movement 2009 in Grays

There is an unplugged symphony to be heard in this post.
A four part movement in Grays.
Simply adjust your vision away from color.
Turn up the volume and hear the quiet harmony of light and shadow.
All of these images can be found in the posts that follow.
We will begin in the band room.
Listen here now...
follow the curving movement into a geometric stanzawitness an Escher interlude
in poly-rhythmic form
sense quiet darkness;
with high light
relax as tetris drops
into negative space
falling up or drifting down
descending powerful counterpoint patterns
Into a balanced present.
I hope you enjoyed this musical moment,
now read on below
for more new school to enjoy
in WHS 2010
disclaimer: these images are all from the new school,
however, a little artistic interpretation has been applied to a few of the images :-)

The Commons ~ the Peoples Space

It is a long hallway, the run from the far end under the second floor seen here is more than the length of a foot ball field!
In the photo above, the narrow hall is the passageway that parallels the commons.

The photo above shows the commons area on the south end. The serving area of the cafeteria is beneath the upper traverse. The photo was taken standing in what will be the main portion of the dining area.
To orient to the location from this corner, the main gym is on the left and the cafeteria is on the right.
This is the top level of our main stairway.
The "Grande' Stairs" are located on the right and opposite of this bank of windows.This is an open public space that will serve as the dining area during lunches and the lobby area for ball games and other activities.
I am sure this years juniors are already looking forward to having their junior senior prom here next year!
The dry wall has begun to be put in place. It is unfinished, and its raw stage at this point, not even painted. The blue is a color coding that identifies the type of board it is. This is not your typical home wall board, it is super thick and dense and very durable compared to the walls in your home.
It is exciting to see the forms being boxed in and taking shape in their space.
These are the windows along the commons and dining area opposite of the stairway.
The storefront (framing) is a brushed steel finish on aluminum.
It provides a very contemporary and clean line to play off the organic nature of the stone work.
There is a second stairway at the north end of the commons as well.
It is smaller and is also banked by a wall of windows. This commons space will be a show place, a reception area, a celebratory space for our students and our community attending games, concerts, or theatrical performances.

Media Center ~ Some call it the Library

A Media Center by any other name might be called the Library. But on our plans it is called the LRV ~ an acronym for "Listening Reading Viewing" space. Took me a long time to get to that from the old Library ;-)
As you walk into our main entrance, the front door you pass by the theater and foyer first. Then just as you approach the commons you will see a long bank of windows on the right. This is our Media Center South window wall.

From out in the commons looking back as you round that corner the media center is on the left. BTW, the tall monolith is the elevator shaft in the center of our main entrance.
In this photo you have stepped inside the front door of the media center. Looking left toward the north wall and the exit.
This view is just inside the entrance looking right to the south window wall in the first photo.
This is the area that will become the circulation desk. Notice the curved soffitt above the area where the main desk will be.
Step up a little closer to the main desk and you can see the contour. This radial form will be echoed in the curved shape of the main desk!
There are several break out rooms on both sides of the main desk along the back wall.
These will be equipment rooms and storage rooms and conference areas and a professional library space.
There is a dedicated technology space in the library as well.
This is the exit back into the commons area. The view out these windows is quite nice.
As can bee seen in this photo taken across from the exit door. The north stairway begins at this point on the right of the photo. I am looking forward to seeing our new media center fully equipped.

Auto Shop ~ Roll Up Doors Installed

These heavy steel roll up doors are a new addition to the Auto Shop area.
They are far superior to the old doors at our old WHS.

They are a marvel of machinery in their own right.
This is the class room area. With so much technology involved in new cars now, a new auto shop had to have an instructional area for computer studies. It is designed so it can be observed from out in the shop or in reverse.
In addition to the classroom, there will be lifts, equipment and tool storage, and clean up areas in the Auto Shop.

Instrumental Music ~ Band Room

Stepping into the band room is an uplifting experience. Step through the two double doors and immediately look to the left ~
There is a 24 foot high wall of white with white ceiling decking, white hvac, and white utility lines.

And then immediately to the oposite wall is a bank of windows.
A very satisfying arrangement of three large north facing windows that allow great light and are creatively visually designed. This wall is a delight to see.
The ceiling will eventually have acoustical clouds hung below the systems and providing sound modulation within the room. Our instrumental music students will be inspired in this space for many years to come.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cafeteria and Kitchen

The cafeteria serving area and the kitchen area equipment is being installed.
This is a view from the top of the main stairs of the serving area at the end of the commons.

This is from inside the serving area looking out through the windows into the commons. Seating for dining will be in the commons area and extends past the bank on windows on the left side of the commons.
Within the kitchen area are the storage and office and prep areas. Notice the floors have been tiled for sanitary wash down.
There are hood fans and ventilation and lighting units in the cooking area.
New and efficient, clean and massive are these units.
There are two walk in coolers.
In this corner view you can get a good feel for how large they are in comparison to the ladder.
Looking inside you can notice they are all stainless walls and floor.
Ample ventilation is provided to help keep food fresh while circulating air.
The walls are seamed stainless for wash down and for sanitation and durability.
Even the floor is stainless for cleanliness and storage strength.
And a wonderful feature is this loading dock, directly off the back of the kitchen. Large enough for tractor trailers to pull up and unload directly to the level of the back door of the kitchen. Good planning by all the designers pays off on this feature.