Thursday, June 10, 2010

Here We Go!

They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

I would amend that to read the journey of a few miles begins with a thousand BOXES!
Wrapping up 35 years of teaching materials and supplies.
This is what I teach and here it goes out the doors. (By the way, these are posters, 30 year old prints that pre-date google searches, videos, even slides as art instruction materials).
Making sure all our names are on all our stuff in hopes of finding it in the new school!
I'd say "It's anything but a Still Life" ~ for all of us it is life in transition.
We all stumbled across flashback blasts from the past, like this 1976 Powder Horn found behind a cabinet. Where'd that come from? Who are these students and where are they now?
It's hard to watch your accumulations of a life's work rolling out the door. (But it is harder work for those who are making our move happen). Many thanks to our custodial and maintenance crews who have the challenge of the work of the move.
Dennis Ray and his county office maintenance staff have the responsibility for being the "Movers" and equipment operators.
This is typical in the staging area as we await trucks to haul our things.
Oh my, on the truck and packaged to go.
And away we move a thousand steps and a thousand boxes!
Over seeing it all from within these hallowed halls is Ted Drum. Thanks for keeping an eye on our things Ted and thanks to your hard working crew too.

I hope to photo some of the other creative and difficult and definitely MOVING experiences over the summer. Soon I will walk around in the old school for some remembrances to share. Till then, its on our way to the New WHS.