Friday, February 29, 2008

What is a Pioneer?

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Anonymous said...
Let's hope the students and alumi of WHS will keep the school name, school colors, and mascot the same. We have been the PIONEERS since 69' and need to carry on this great tradition. Just because we are building a new school, doesn't mean that these things need to change. PIONEER BLUE AND WHITE is what we are known by, and should stand proud for the future students to come.
February 28, 2008 2:40 AM

sw said...
I believe we will always be blue and white and I know we will always be the Mighty Mighty Pioneers.

Regarding colors, what is "Pioneer blue"? Is it lighter than Carolina blue? Is it Duke blue? We will have to identify our branding blue to be used on all WHS Blue and White media.

Regarding what/who else is a pioneer beyond the 18th century settler (aka Daniel Boone)? What is a pioneer today in 2008, 2010, 2050? Who are our contemporary Pioneers? There are "pioneers" in medicine, science, exploration, space, ecology, invention, sports, culture, etc.
What other symbol/image beyond a musket and coonskin hat might also represent the many notions of todays leadership and vision? These thoughts are just being offered as a discussion point.
February 28, 2008 2:06 PM

Anonymous student comment:
What about a girl pioneer? or any other student? The pioneer is not just a sports symbol, it represents all of us.

Andrea says: well, I think that the pioneer mascot should stay but no offense, he needs a new look. I kind of don't like that our mascot looks like a gorilla holding a gun.
sw......soooo, whats the new look?.... What image should be in the middle of our basketball court? What symbol on our academic binder? Our school stationary?
Andrea comments: more modern, less daniel booneish. i mean, i know it is boone, but that doesnt mean our mascot has to look like he is daniel boone. there are tons of different kind of pioneers and moving into a new school, means that changes are likely to happen and we needa mascot to reflect the changes.
sw says..... What would be a good way to find the right image for the New WHS? I Wonder if students could design the image? Or if we could have school wide suggestion process? hmmmm.....

Monday, February 25, 2008

Google Earth Fun to "Fly To"

Go to Google Earth
and in the "Fly To" section on the main menu, enter
36.21633 N, 81.6508 W
(you can copy/paste)
and then enter or click to begin search
Since you have entered a specific surface coordinate it may take you all the way down to ground level. If you Zoom back out a bit you will gain perspective.

Thanks to Patty B. for sending the coordinates! :-)
If you do not have google earth on your computer, here is the link for free download.
Our students at WHS are using google earth for many diverse projects and applications.
Here is a fun suggestion: Try this.... Open Google on the "directions tab"...enter the above coordinates in the "from" window... enter your home address in the "to" window and map directions and distance to your house.....Enjoy exploring our planet on Google Earth!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Location Location Location

A little geographical awareness quiz....
Learn the landmarks of our community and county!

WHS 2010 Stadium Rocks!

This stitched panorama shows the current state of the stadium grade. The main field is within a couple of feet of grade. It will eventually be excavated a few feet deeper than surface. Then refilled and prepared for the turf undersurface structure.
Remember the huge "Spirit Rock"?
Now it is rubble after blasting and crushing. There will be a lot of rock under our stadium, I feel sorry for our players! ;-) Of course Coach Snow would say, "that which does not kill us makes us stronger!"
Rock on WHS Pioneers!

Rock away

What's this?
The business end of this!
Drilling rock near the entrance. Most of the rock we have encountered we have been able to "rip" with machinery. Along the entry there was rock that needed to be blasted to be removed.
Holes are drilled and blast packs are inserted. The process is very scientific, monitored, and controlled to the finest details these days.

After blast stone is ripped, it is piled, and pushed into a berm for the next blast and then covered with dirt to help absorb and confine debris. Then dozed and compacted prior to exploding. There are seismographs on site and readings are taken at a variety of ranges to insure safety. The fire marshall must come and inspect prior to all explosions.

Entrance reached at Old 421

The entrance has been defined and opened from the point on Old 421 near the old Hilltop Drive.

The cut is graded out to the highway now.
This is the view we will witness each day entering the new high school.

Standing in the main parking lot looking up toward the entrance. That is Mountlawn Cemetery and flag in the opening. There is still rock to be blasted before the grade of the driveway is shaped.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Public hearing yields support for WHS financing...

"The commissioners approved a symbolic motion to continue with the proposed financing plan, and the vote was met with audience applause. The school is expected to open for the 2010-2011 school year."
For this complete article please follow this link out...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Two Early Aerial Photos

There was a request for images of the site prior to beginning our project. This is the earliest Aerial Photo I have on file. It was taken in October 2007 by Tom a local pilot and parent of one of our students
In this photo most of the property is still in pasture as it was for many years. A few of the houses have been removed along Daniel Boone Drive which bisects the campus. Compare that to this photo: taken in January 2008.

If anyone has any aerial photos taken earlier than these two, I would like to share them in future posts. Leave a comment if so. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

North View of New WHS 2010 site

This aerial view is taken as approaching from the south looking toward the north end of campus. The photo was supplied by Barnhill Vannoy and is an excellent overview of the entire campus construction site. An overlay photo of campus features follows in the next post.

North View with Overlay

The overlay diagram shown here is not intended to be to scale. It is provided to offer an approximate layout view of the main features of our campus. The greenway trail is at the bottom, Old 421 and entrance are at the top of the picture.

Looking south across campus

In this aerial view the Greenway Trail would be at the top of the picture and Old Hwy 421 is at the bottom right. The entrance to campus drive will be near the opening at the row of pine trees. Photo courtesy of Barnhill Vannoy.