Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bids Being Received

Hello folks,

This is a milestone week in our project!

Our construction management team is receiving bids Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week! Each day at 2:00 in the County Courthouse Administration building contractors are being reviewed. It is time to hear from the builders!

As you know, the bids for the concrete and footers have been accepted earlier this year. We hope the concrete foundations will begin to be poured around first of April!

As for structural steel (the steel package has also been accepted and steel is being manufactured to specifications now)- steel deliveries will begin mid to late May.

The actual columns will not be erected until late May or early June. (With the amount of steel in this project it will take the steel erector several days or weeks to sort everything out.)

Once all the steel is on site we will begin to

From that point on, you will see noticable progress on a daily basis.

How exciting is that!~~~ sw